3 Tokens That Smart Money Buy The Dips – SUZUME, BONE & SAITAMA


  • How to find tokens that Smart Money buy the dips/buy the rise?
  • How to get Smart Money sell tokens alerts before the price drop?

4 token ranking lists on the Explore page will leak out target tokens that Smart Money is building positions – Top GainersTop LosersTop Net Buy Value & Top Liquidity Added.

Turn on the Smart Money mode. Then you can see which tokens Smart Money is buying the dips/rise or accumulating in the past 3d, 1d, 1h, and 5min.

Yesterday, we shared 16 cases of Smart Money’s magic trading in the past 2 weeks. Believe you must have an understanding of how Smart Candlestick Smart Money is.

To take a ride on the profit gain instead of regretting, let’s look at some tokens that Smart Money is building positions now.

Smart Money Buy The Rise Tokens

Top Gainers - Smart Money

Bought $1,930 at $0.003218. 

KEK DEX Trades - Smart Money

Bought $5,966 at $0.9265

VITA DEX Trades - Smart Money

Remember to check the real-time data on Live Trading –> DEX Trades to validate the Smart Money actions. For example, for F9 tokens in the ranking list, Smart Money were selling during the price up.

Smart Money Buy The Dips Tokens

3 Smart Money bought:

SUZUME DEX Trades - Smart Money

Upcoming New Function - Alert!

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