New Release — Tokens with The Most Smart Addresses Buying

Now featuring 2 new signals for All/Low-cap & Newly launched tokens:

  • Numbers of smart money addresses buying
  • Total buy value

So When to Use Top Buy vs. Top Net Buy?

For Low-Cap & New Tokens: Use Top Buy.

Top Buy by Smart Money

These tokens often see large price fluctuations within 24h.

Eg, A Smart Address might buy 1,000 amount of Token A for $10 and sell 40 for $100.

Although the Net Buy Value is negative (-$90), the Smart Address is profiting and still holding a significant amount.

-> Spot the gems in Low-Cap & New Tokens, use Top Buy.

For Larger-Cap Tokens: Use Top Net Buy

Top Net Buy Tokens by Smart Money

These tokens are less likely to see quick buy-and-sell actions by Smart Addresses within 24hrs.

The Net Buy Value reflects the new holdings acquired by Smart Addresses.

-> For larger-cap tokens, rely on Top Net Buy.

Hunt Degen with Way More Confidence Now!

1. Stay Ahead of Rug Pull Risks

It tracks TVL of major assets ($ETH, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $TUSD) across all DEX Pools of the token.

If it drops below $10K or even $5K, be cautious.


By incorporating scam token trading records into our algorithm.

This upgrade makes copy trading way more confident!

3. Upgraded Security Checks by partnering with Token Sniffer

Not only detect honeypots but also potential scams via exploit code.

How to use it?

-> Simply hover over any token or search for it

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