How to Find A New Pair Gem, Verify It and Trade on The Signal?

5 steps. $BUD to showcase:

Step 1 — Smart Money Top Buy leaderboard, turn on ‘New Token 14D’

-> find target gems

Smart Money Top Buy New Tokens

$BUD: Smart Money top buy

-> check their latest buy/sell prices, compare them with the current price

-> check their remaining holdings (still holding a bag?)

$BUD Smart Money Live Trades

$BUD: smart money are still holding a bag though with a high ROI.

Step 3 — ‘Top Traders by Profit’ table

-> check the token’s top traders’ current ‘Sell’ & ‘Holdings’.

$BUD - Top Traders by Profit

$BUD: A lot of Top Addresses with no sell volume & still holding a large bag.

Step 4 — Live DEX Trades

-> ✅ $BUD: active dex trade (Candlestick reflects the dex trades within 30secs)

Step 5One click to trade

-> The system will auto-fill the token for you

The Most Joyful Moment — Users’ Success Stories

Sum up the 2 key features of how trading on Candlestick will boost your profits:

2. Freeze your trades on honeypot/potential honeypot/ and exploited tokens. Safe.

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