New Pair Gem Hunter? Get More Hits with Candlestick

After the 2 new features — Market Cap & New Tokens filters launched last week, the way of low-cap gem & new token hunting has become so smooth and fast.

from a Alpha user

With so many new pairs popping up daily, it can be hit or miss.

2 ways to increase your win rate in new token hunting

🎯 1 — Steps:

1. Turn on the ‘New Token’ filter and select 1D.

2. Choose the Smart Meme Pro list.

Let the professionals do their thing.

{Smart Meme Pro} is a list of top profit-making addresses from trading newly launched tokens. Algo-generated & updates every month.

Smart Money Top Buys in New Tokens

Want the latest timely signals?

🎯 2 — Steps:

-> Turn on ‘New Token’ filter and select 1D.

-> Then you’ll get live Smart buy signals only for newly launched tokens in the last 24hrs.

2. Quick Security Check

Hover over the token to check for honeypots, code exploits, and 8 other potential risks.

💡Advanced Tip:

Hover over the Smart address to check its remaining holdings in the token. -> fully cashed out or still holding?

Live Smart Money Trades on New Tokens

Eg, the last 24h new pairs on Base: 😎0x3992 fully realized a 2.7x profit in $BWIZ within 6 hours.

Along with continuing shipping the new features for degens, to make your gem hunting safer & more reliable,

we have put a lot of effort into token security in every aspect:

1. Stay Ahead of Rug Pull Risks

It tracks TVL of major assets ($ETH, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $TUSD) across all DEX Pools of the token.

If it drops below $10K or even $5K, be cautious.


By incorporating scam token trading records into our algorithm.

This upgrade makes copy trading way more confident!

3. Upgraded Security Checks by partnering with Token Sniffer

Not only detect honeypots but also potential scams via exploit code.

How to use it?

-> Simply hover over any token or search for it

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