Risk or Oppty?: Analytics of $XMON Stealth Money, DEX Buy/Sell Power & Top Holders

$XMON dropped from $25K to $880 in 5 mins after the Sudoswap Lockdrop.

It rebounded to $4,791 now.

Risk or Oppty?

$XMON Signals

Stealth Money Gained 2x

4 Stealth Address bought $XMON starting from $1,218 

Total value $10.4K.

The first Stealth Money has gained 2x for now.

XMON - Stealth Money Trades

DEX Trading Signals

Supply on exchange: DEX (90%) VS CEX (10%).

XMON - Balances on Exchanges

DEX Net Buy Value is key to track. 

The moment when $XMON dropped 90%, Negative Net Buy Val ($-53K) in 5mins.

Surprisingly, buy & sell power is almost 50/50 afterward.

XMON - Net Buy Value

Top 30 Holders

The Candlestick Top Holders chart provides live data.

The balance Value is the same as the change value.

11 top holders who received $XMON back to their wallets have not sold their $XMON yet.

XMON - Top Holders
XMON - Top Holders

The slot is so short that they can’t manage to sell& have to wait for rebound?

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Candlestick has launched Stealth Money features: 

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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