207% To 6x Returns: Did You Get The $DEXTF Stealth Money Front-Trading Signal?

$DEXTF skyrocketed 6,986.1% in 14 days.

Candlestick Stealth Money signals first appeared on Feb 18 when the price was just $0.05.

The price reached $0.3028 on Feb 21, a potential 6x return for Candlestick Subscribers.

$DEXTF Signals

Here is the analytics for identifying the $DEXTF Stealth Money front trading.

Stealth Money Accumulation Signals Before the Surge

On Feb 18, the insider Front Trading signal became clear because Stealth Address 2710 appeared.

This new address 2710 is newly created only for trading $DEXFT.

$DEXTF - Stealth Money Trades

Stealth Money 2710 accumulated 126,468 $DEXTF via 19 buy orders. (Avg buy price: $0.062)

$DEXTF - Stealth Money Trades

Then $DEXTF killed 1 zero; his sell orders were triggered. 2710 sold all $DEXTF via 8 trades (Avg sell price: $0.192)

$DEXTF - Stealth Money Trades

Stealth Address 2710 realized 207% profits on Feb 21.

What Kind Of Stealth Money Signal Is Strong?

One type is an address with these features:

  1. Large buy vol of a certain token
  2. Buy immediately after the wallet created
  3. Only trade one token

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Candlestick has launched Stealth Money features: 

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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