Heading into Ethereum 2.0: Get The Market Insights Through ETH-related Tokens.

A tentative date of the Ethereum merge to roll out on Sep 19 is the latest catalyst that drives a bullish turn in the crypto market. The price of ETH has increased by 51.82% since the timeline released by Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation on Jul 15.

The merge is roughly 1 month away. So, how to make a profit from that? Candlestick provides 20+ exclusive signals; always check some ETH-related tokens that could be the most significant beneficiaries, such as stETH & wstETHLDO, and RPL.

"Explore" is Powerful

Leaderboards on the “Explore” page report real-time token increases or decreases in Top Net Buy ValueTop Token Accumulated By TradersTop Liquidity Add $, etc.


On Jul 22, the Top Net Buy Value leaderboard detected that the wstETH price of $1,671 was above ETH $1,566. 

Note: The price between ether and its derivative assets such as stETH and wstETH reflects the stability of the crypto market. For example, the market crash in June was due to the volatility of stETH caused by the Celsius Crisis and the ensuing liquidations and runs.

Top Net Buy Value

After clicking and jumping to the Net Buy Amount indicator, we saw continuous positive Net Buy Value for nine days. This situation is a bullish signal for the whole market and confirmed a bull run.

WSTETH - Net Buy Amount

Follow Smart Money

LDO is a governance token in the Lido DAO. So if you are an LDO trader, there is an example of how powerful our signals are.

On Jul 27, we noticed that LDO was the token with decent Smart Money Net Buy Value in 1D. 

Top Net Buy Value

DEX Trades – Smart Money Mode showed that the transaction vol was from 2 Smart Money addresses: 81c9 & d795. 

  • 81c9 is an arbitrage address.
  • d795 bought a $67,187 value of LDO at $1.34.
LDO - DEX Trades

LDO skyrocketed to over $2.46 24 hours later, a surge of 83.58%.

On Jul 30, the Smart Money Add/Remove Liquidity indicator detected that over $10 million TVL was added to WETH/ STETH liquidity pool on Curve by Defi OG.

STETH - Add/Remove Liquidity

It’s another bullish signal because the add-in liquidity reflects Smart liquidity providers’ optimistic sentiments for the future.

Candlestick labeled 1342 Smart Money addresses, including 390 Defi OGs, 102 Crypto VCs and founders, and 850 Smart DEX traders.

Candlestick Smart Money

Apply Exclusive Candlestick Indicators

RPL, launched by the Rocket Pool, is another liquid staking token like LDO.

We observed its bullish signals since a turning point on Jul 26, when the Net Buy Amount indicator turned positive, and it has been green for 8 days till now.

RPL - Net Buy Amount

Check liquidity conditions to confirm bullish signals. The RPL Net Add Amount for Liquidity indicator surged 5,091.96% and hit an all-time high on Aug 1. Liquidity providers have added $5.66M worth of liquidity in the last 30 days.

RPL - Net Add Amount for Liquidity

These two indicators proved a bullish situation in RPL. As a result, the price has increased 64.31% since Jul 26.

New Updates

  • “Debank Tops” Address List – follow activities of 1,608 “Debank Tops” addresses (min.$500K balance) from the Top 10,000 of Debank’s web3 rank.
  • Fiat Payment Enable through Stripe.
  • Approved Sellable Amount on DEX Upgrade.
  • Name Display Optimization.
v0.5.1 Updates

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