CEL-Short-Squeeze Succeed or not? Here are 3 data proofs


A war of squeezing CEL liquidity against CEL short is happening among all CEL holders.

Holders of CEL are strategically removing liquidity from brokerages / DeFi in an attempted short-squeeze. The idea is to remove liquidity so CEL-short can’t cover their short positions on time.

Succeed or not? Let’s see 3 data proofs.

CEL Balance on CEX

$CEL CEX balance has kept decreasing since Jun 14.

CEL Balance on CEXs
CEL — Balance on CEXs

Top Exchanges Balances Changes

FTX is the one with the most CEL balance drop. 2 million CEL with a value of $1.98M CEL liquidity was removed from FTX in the last 7 days.

CEL — Top Exchanges by Balances/Changes

But CEL balance on DEX is kind of increasing. Uniswap V3 pool CEL balance +80K CEL tokens.

Net Add Amount for Liquidity

CEL Liquidity Net Add Amount on DEX +119,19% on Jun 21.

CEL Liquidity
CEL — Net Add Amount for Liquidity


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